Our team


In 2017 Željka took over the management of Heraklea, which she constantly leading to new victories. When Željka calls, both suppliers and mystery shoppers tremble. When she came, she brought confusion with her name, because now we have two Željka and very often they are being mistakenly replaced one with the other in the telephone conversations. She is really great at lot things, from sales and contacts with people to pricing in offers. The mathematician at heart has decided to break the mathematical formulas with everyday situations on the field that no mathematical rule or theorem can predict. She is a team player who has brought new energy to our small team, and a new look for the office because the old one simply wasn't logical and geometrically symmetrical. smiley

ŽELJKA JOINOVIĆ, Project manager

Our colleague Željka left Heraklea several times and returned. It is as simple as possible – we cannot do business without her and she cannot go on without us. smiley Željka brings peace and quiet to Heraklea and her best friends (except us, of course) are Marti, Excel tables and charts and mystery shoppers. And yes, we are still not allowed to ask her anything before 10 am until she completely wakes up, but she still makes the best coffee ever.

DUBRAVKA JURIŠIĆ, Assistant project manager

Our small team has become more creative with the arrival of colleague Dubravka. Ever since joining Heraklea, she can't do without our mystery shoppers, as well as those without her. She communicates with mystery shoppers and educates them on every new project before going on the field, which is part of her daily routine. She is also good in geography and easily assigns mystery visits to our mystery shoppers all over Croatia. smiley