Mystery shopping

Why mystery shopping sometimes doesn't work?

Although rarely, it may happen that mystery shopping SOMETIMES DOESN’T WORK, or doesn’t give us what we wanted. In that case, we would certainly suggest considering the following:

  • Is the contact person who is in charge for the project by the client competent enough (can that person provide the agency enough information necessary to organize the mystery shopping project, is that person responsible and available for information about the project)
  • Do you know what you really want to do or how you want to use the results
  • Is there an appropriate corporate climate in the company
  • Is the company focused on looking for somebody to blame or on solving problems
  • Is there a good communication is inside the company
  • Do you know how to take feedback or results even though they are not always good
  • Is the scenario you want realistic
  • Is the time period in which you want to conduct the mystery shopping realistic
  • Has the agency successfully done its part of the job (recruiting appropriate profile of mystery shoppers, preparing the mystery shoppers well, following the instructions received from the client, preparing the project and analysing data well)

If all answers to those questions are “YES”, then the success of the project is guaranteed!