Mystery shopping

When to use mystery shopping?

Many companies still had no opportunity to come in contact with the mystery shopping, get to know its characteristics and advantages, and how to use them. Sometimes they are not sure whether they should use mystery shopping and when, and also what they can get from the results. Below are the most common reasons for using mystery shopping:

  • When we want to identify the problem
  • When we want to find out what is really happening (at our points of sale, contact center, which means in all “moments of truth” between our company and clients)
  • When we want to find out the reason for decrease in sales
  • When we are in doubt and want the confirmation
  • When we want to found out what does the competition do or someone we look up to
  • Because of the image and prestige
  • When we need an excuse or encouragement for an activity
  • When we want to check why the retail margin declines (marketing invests a lot, but sales fails)
  • When we gather the courage to reconsider our business strategy or/and when we are ready to open some new issues
  • When we want to look ourselves in the mirror and see what our customers see