Mystery shopping

Size of the market and trends

MSPA has estimated the value of the mystery shopping market in 2006 on one billion dollar while annual growth was estimated on 8% in USA and EU and 15% in Central and East Europe.

The ESOMAR (The European Society for Opinion and Market Research) „Global Market Research 2017“ report shows that the world research turnover after inflation raised to 44.5 billion USD (+2.3%). The largest marked, with almost a half of the global turnover (19.5 billion USD), is USA and European region with the 6.6 billion USD also has a great impact on it.

According to this survey, mystery shopping represents 1% of global market research turnover, 445.1 million USD. It seems too low because according to MSPA, the global mystery shopping turnover is over 2 billion USD, with the US accounting for a billion and Europe around half a billion.

In upcoming years following trends and challenges at mystery shopping industry are expected:

  • saving the quality and the integrity of mystery shoppers
  • faster reporting to clients without decrease in quality
  • education of mystery shoppers, regular and potential users and providers of the mystery shopping service about the truths and trends in mystery shopping industry
  • increase of mystery shopping providers and the number of services they offer