Mystery shopping

How to choose a partner for mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is mostly offered by specialized agencies, but it can also be offered by market research agencies, education companies, marketing agencies and even by private detectives in some countries.

Since first question of employees, after mystery shopping has been done, is who conducted it, it is important to choose a partner for mystery shopping very carefully.

When choosing partner, you should keep in mind its knowledge and experience in mystery shopping so we advise you to check following:

  • Does the partner have enough local mystery shoppers of different profiles
  • Does he choose them carefully and how he educates them
  • Do mystery shoppers have experience and how often they do that job
  • Can agency, if necessary, organize big number of visits in short time and deliver the results quickly

In world, usual standard is to deliver the results of mystery shopping online within 24 to 48 hours after the visit or telephone call of mystery shopper.

Then you should pay attention to service quality that the partner provides and check:

  • What happens if something goes wrong
  • Does agency guarantee for their services
  • Is there transparency of the information and if yes, to what extent
  • Is there a possibility of complaints to report and if yes, how and in which period
  • And last, but not the least – is the agency member of MSPA, ESOMAR or other important organizations

If you are thinking about organizing mystery shopping project by yourself think about following:

  • You do your X job, you are not running MS agency
  • Organisation of MS project requires complex logistics
  • Since the first question of your employees is „Who did conduct MS?“, you need an agency with experience and good reputation at this area
  • Agency has educated and experienced mystery shoppers, it provides honesty, ethics and quality control at each phase of the project, it eliminates low quality and illogical output, meets deadlines and solves many of problems and queries