Mystery shoppers

Why you should be Heraklea’s mystery shopper?

Yes, you've heard right – we are strict, but kind, fair and honest.

We give everyone only one chance to become our associate, and those we have chosen we regularly evaluate and monitor their work.

There are many reasons to apply and cooperate with us, and some of them are:

  • Heraklea is the first Croatian agency specialized in Mystery Shopping and first Croatian agency member of Mystery Shopping Professionals Association - MSPA ( and it works within the Guidelines and the Code of Ethics of this business.
  • Our fees are on the European level and we pay them regularly, on a monthly basis, legally, through work contract and taxes are paid.
  • Thanks to our experience, we can prepare you for fieldwork and before you start with work, you get all the information on how to work and how to gain skills.
  • It is easy, quick and transparent to work with us – all the information you need are available in our software MARTI in which you can log in from anywhere at any time and our kind employees are always at your disposal.
  • You receive monthly information about our company, employees and news about mystery shopping because we want our mystery shoppers throughout Croatia to be informed about everything and to feel as a part of the team, as well as full-time employees in the office.
  • We reward work and effort – mystery shopper of the month, reward fees, bonuses...
  • When recruiting a large number of mystery shoppers, we organize training.
  • Almost all of mystery shoppers who started to cooperate with us in year 2003 are today still satisfied mystery shoppers and that fact speaks for itself more than any other.