Mystery shoppers

Who can be Heraklea's mystery shopper?

If you believe to have following characteristics:

  • responsible
  • trustworthy
  • fair
  • objective
  • have good intentions
  • honest
  • sincere
  • notices details
  • have a good memory
  • precise
  • patient
  • follows given instructions
  • respects deadlines
  • flexible
  • well organized
  • has the necessary writing skills
  • appreciates and understands what is meant by a quality service
  • wants to participate in improving the level of customer service
  • shows an example of providing an excellent service
  • has a computer with own e-mail address and internet availability
  • has basic computer skills (Word, Excel, Internet)!

…we are looking forward for your application and cooperation!

To become a mystery shopper apply HERE.


Heraklea's mystery shopper certainly WON'T DO some of the following:

  • to reveal oneself during the mystery shopping
  • to disclose the details about the mystery shopping tasks
  • to take questionnaires and project information to mystery shopping visit
  • to lie and fake mystery shopping tasks
  • to perform the mystery shopping task without detailed preparation
  • to make a scene at the point of sale or to draw attention to oneself