Mystery shoppers

FAQ for mystery shoppers

About applications for mystery shoppers:

Question: I never received any feedback from you after submitting a mystery shopper job application.

Answer: We will be happy to contact you as soon as we need a mystery shopper in your place of residence or its surroundings.


Question: WHAT IS TEST SHOP and how it is performed?

Answer: The test shop is the first and the most important element in the process of selecting mystery shoppers. We invite you by E-MAIL to perform so called test shop to test your writing skills, meeting deadlines, and also the quantity and quality of observed details.


Question: Can a person who is a student, retired or employed elsewhere be your mystery shopper?

Answer: Yes, all adults can be our mystery shoppers. It is a part-time job.


Question: Do you also conduct mystery shopping at points of sales outside Zagreb?

Answer: Yes, we cover the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.


Question: How can I apply for a mystery shopper?

Answer: Only by filling in the mystery shopper registration form found on our website.


Question: How many people meet your criteria for a mystery shopper?

Answer: According to previous experience, 10 to 20% of the total number of applied candidates, and about 1500 of them apply annually.


Question: Why do we need you to fill in so much information in the application forms?

Answer: All information we collect about you in the application form, we need exclusively for the purpose of the projects. For example –car brand, car model, and year of the manufacture, we need so we can hire you for projects that require a profile of mystery shoppers with a specific brand of vehicle of specific year of manufacture. The same goes for wearing glasses/contact lenses, pets, a bank, club memberships, clothing size and similar.


About the mystery shopper's job:

Question: How does job or working day of mystery shopper look like? How often will I work?

Answer: Through the web application Marti, you apply for assignments you are interested in. If you are selected for a particular assignment, you will receive all the necessary instruction before leaving. While you are on the assessment, you will pay attention to a number of details such as whether anyone greeted you at the entrance, whether they returned your money correctly and much more.

You will ask about various products, sometimes even buy certain articles or use certain services, ask for refunds, etc.

Once you have completed your evaluation, you should fill in the report form about your shopping experience and send it to us within 24 hours. In short, your assignment is to appear and act like a regular customer whilst noting details which you will report on. At the same time, you have the chance to do what you like to do or have to do anyway, plus you get paid to do it! How often you will work depends primarily on you, on how much you want to, but also on the availability of assignments in the place of your residence.


Question: Is it possible to go on an assignment in the afternoon or on weekends?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Is it possible to reject an assignment if you are unable to complete it?

Answer: Yes, in accordance with internal regulations.


Question: How long does it take to perform the assignment?

Answer: At particular point of sale you should spent the same time as the typical customer usually spends.

In average it is 15 to 30 minutes. There are also shorter assignments, lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, and longer ones which could last from 45 to 60 minutes.


About payments:

Question: How will I know what my fee is?

Answer: Before going on an assignment, you have information on the amount of fee in accordance with the duration and complexity of the assignment, so if you find it inadequate, you will not even apply for the assignment.


Question: How are the fees paid?

Answer: By concluding an employment contract, fees are paid to the giro account, once a month, on the 25th of each month for the previous month. It is not paid per hour, but per assignment, in accordance with MSPA guidelines.


Question: Will I always have to buy something on assignments?

Answer: Usually no, but sometimes a purchase is an integral part of the assignment, and the amount of its equivalent is an integral part of the fee. No one will ever force you to buy something you don’t want or don’t need.


Question: Who gives mystery shoppers the funds to purchase products in stores whose service they have to measure?

Answer: Sometimes, as part of a visit, mystery shoppers also need to purchase products of their choice to measure the quality of service at the cash register. In this case, the funds for the purchase are an integral part of their fee, which is subsequently paid for the successful completion of the work on the basis of a previously concluded work contract.


Question: Do you cover travel expenses?

Answer: We always try to hire local mystery shoppers. If so agreed in advance, then we cover the costs.


Question: Why do we have to give you our current account and giro account numbers?

Answer: You must provide us with the numbers of the listed accounts so that we can pay you a fee and possibly reimburse the costs for individual projects. On your giro account we pay you fees for the performed assignment, and on your current account we pay reimbursements for particular projects (for example the reimbursement for the consumption in the restaurant).