Mystery shoppers

Who are mystery shoppers and what exactly are they doing?

Mystery Shoppers on request act as anonymous, regular shoppers. They observe and measure the quality of customer service provided according to set standards and report back on their shopping experience.

Only distinction between mystery and regular shopper is that mystery shopper receive guidelines in advance – which elements of quality service and employees’ sales skills should be measured and to describe chronologically visit or phone call.

Mystery shoppers always have to match profile of regular shopper in company they visit and should not point themselves out in comparison with other shoppers.

Every day mystery shoppers do what they have to or love to do – drink coffee, shop, pay bills, ask for loan, do the test drive, travel, look for apartments, change hairstyle, learn foreign languages, stay at luxury hotels, visit wellness.

Although fun, mystery shopper’s job is highly responsible since mystery shopping affect employees’ and management careers and its results are used for rewarding system.