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“It is a challenge to start a new project and be the first one to do it. And that is exactly what happened with the project of mystery guest at destination – at the island of Lošinj, at the beginning of cooperation between Town of Mali Lošinj Tourist Board and Heraklea.

The whole Heraklea team is extremely professional and kind and results were available extremely fast. Accurate reports and sense for details, guidance and assistance in analysing comprehensive reports. A modern and fast way of communicating, which suites us extremely, but again a human and reasonable approach that makes our job easier.

Thank you for your cooperation, I believe in our progress in service quality. I wish you much success and excellent clients, who know how to appreciate quality.”

Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj, Đurđica Šimičić, Managing Director

“I would like to thank the whole team for professionally conducted project. Certainly we would like to commend the speed with which all was delivered to us.”

Opel SE Europe, Ana Bagarić, Market&Forecast analyst

“Conduction of mystery shopping is a wise and commercially viable business decision if you are willing to accept the truth contained in reports, based on how customers evaluate us. This moment of truth should be boldly used for corrections and improvement of our weaknesses. My sincere thanks for quality collaboration and quick reporting. You do your business very analytically and professionally.”

Kraš trgovina d.o.o., Azur Abadžić, CEO

“We are delighted with your report. I had no idea it will be done so professionally. After this, I now see a much longer collaboration than I had planned.”

Vegehop restaurant, Dalibor Marić, Owner

“Antunović Hotel Zagreb is using several ways of controlling customer satisfaction: survey “We appreciate your opinion”, Mystery shopping, daily communication of employees at their workplace – Guest relation, daily communication of employees at their workplace – Quality manager, surveys at web portals etc. The most efficient and our favourite is Mystery shopping. Why?

Apart from large amount of information about hotel itself, our offer, quality of service, emotions, guests' returns and recommendations, you also get suggestions for improvements and changes that should be made to correct mistakes that we all believe are invisible for guests!

We made smiling standards (sounds weird but feasible), we changes the name tags, improved breakfast offer, and although none of us likes critics we at Antunović are looking forward to our next Mystery shopping - because there is never enough quality and it is best recognized by the ones we are here for –the guests. smiley

Hotel Antunović, Zdenko Posavec, Managing Director

“We at Diona are aware that an excellent service is the key to success. Mystery shopping helped us to become aware of the level of service quality that we provide and to communicate it at all levels in our company, from the Board to every individual employee in our stores which was the basis for making positive changes. The results are already visible. We want to thank Heraklea for partnership and helpful suggestions.”

Diona d.d., Alisa Tartaro, Marketing Manager

“For entrepreneurs, it all starts with a vision. What kind of service to provide, to whom, for what value. The more creative ones then commit themselves to improve it. But only the more courageous and self-critical decide for the "Moment of Truth." This means calling Heraklea and arranging with mystery shoppers to act at the service of the service, in the name of its customers, and mostly the owner of the service/vision.

Prepared for dissecting your work, reality check, the list of praise, the black list, you should be dare to log in onto Marti and read the mystery shoppers' reports. And there – there is much to learn – the absolute support to your business, well-intentioned criticism right where it should be, praises with concrete suggestions, altogether a generous contribution beyond all your expectations.

Heraklea is more than a mystery shopping agency. Heraklea is a strategic partner with the mission of raising the awareness of all participants in the sale-purchase process, activating their potential and encouraging creativity. This truly is a formula for not win-win but rather win-win-win… smiley

Indeed – thank you.”

Westend School of foreign languages, Lana Varšek, co-owner

“In an effort to provide the best possible service to our players, we decided for the first time to review the level of our own service using mystery shopping in order to gather valuable information that we later used to improve our business in the CRM segment keeping in mind wishes and needs of our players. Heraklea has established itself as the first choice for this method of research, given the terms offered, timing of the service, professional approach and flexibility in every aspect. We would like to thank Heraklea for high quality work they have done and we strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to use this method to improve their business.”

Fortuna sportska kladionica,Ivana Jurković, Marketing Manager

“Heraklea conducted requested mystery shopping for us very well and quickly, literally overnight. We sent our query on Thursday around 2pm and got all the results online next day around 4pm.”

Pliva Hrvatska d.o.o., Sanja Benco, Sales Director

“I would like to point out an extreme professionalism of Heraklea employees and their approach to our project, as well as really quick information transfer which is very important in our business. The adaptability to our requirements and changes and their promptness of the data processing give us confirmation of whether we are evolving in the right direction. We certainly will continue our cooperation with mutual satisfaction.”

Pavletić d.o.o., Ljiljana Tomac, Sales Director

“Classic methods of consumers’ satisfaction research could no longer give us the answers we were missing, so we decided to try mystery shopping.

In a very short period of time we received particular results that none of the quantity research could give us.

We are aware that our approach to customer should be in line with their expectations and only with continuous measuring of the service quality we will know if we are going in the right direction. Customers' expectations are changing, our offers are changing, and so should our approach. Mystery Shopping helps us a lot when measuring the level of meeting the standards and defined rules.”

T-HT d.d., Sanja Bračun, Market research manager

“Mystery shopping is an excellent tool that has in a relatively short period increased the level of our customer service, enabling us to identify our weak areas, which we could not even identify before, and take steps to eliminate the flaws we have. By including monthly mystery shopping results as one of the key criteria for employees’ bonuses, we motivated all employees to give excellent customer service all the time. Mystery shopping has thus become integral part of our business and we plan to use it long-term in all of our shops, as one of the most important business tools for continuous measurement and increasing the level of customer service.”

Pet centar d.o.o., Croatia, Ljiljana Markov Međugorac, CEO

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