"Your vision shows what you want to be,
but the quality of your service shows what you really are!"

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Whatever problem we want to solve, we must first get insight into the current situation. This alone can point us to a number of possible solutions and increase our own efficiency in the short term. The same is with quality of service and mystery shopping.

Mystery shoppers observe and measure the quality of customer service according to set standards and report back on their shopping experience.

Among our clients, there are some of the leading Croatian companies, as well as the ones that want to become a leader, but also small companies which had identified the importance of customer service quality on time.

Mystery shopping is a tool for measuring service quality.

Heraklea d.o.o. is the frist specialized agency for mystery shopping in Croatia and the first company in Croatia who received a membership of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) and from 2016 has the Elite Member Status. Heraklea is on the market since 2002. Through its own web application for mystery shopping, Marti 3.1 it provides the clients all information from the point of sale within 24 hours of the visit.

About us

We are looking forward to new challenges, difficult projects, to something that is not common and simple, to something not everyone can manage…